My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 11-Measurements say it all....

So I completed the Herbal Cleanse portion of my 24 Day Challenge last night.  This morning I decided (just out of curiosity) to weigh myself and take my measurements again.  In the last 10 days I have lost 2.5 pounds and 5.5 inches!!!!  I was soooo excited to see that lose of inches!  I have to admit I thought maybe I would lose more than 2.5 pounds but am very happy with the inches lost!  I cannot wait to see how I do after another 14 days!!  I also cannot believe that I never cheated over the last 10 days....absolutely no fried food, no alcohol, no dairy, no bread.....just nice, clean eating.  Could I have done better? of course! But it was my first attempt.   So, although I plan to continue eating clean, I am happy to say that I'm glad my cleanse ended in time to enjoy a nice cold beer during the Advocare 500!!  (and most likely some Carb Ease)!

Instead of studying, I ended up printing out inspirational saying on bright paper, got out the 'ole scrapbook scissors and made them more appealing and put them all over my fridge! I want to be reminded of why I chose Advocare each time I walk by it.....and if I ever decide to grab something from the fridge I'm hoping it will help me remember my goals....and not grab too much!!

I was fairly productive today, laundry done, workout while laundry was going....only ran one mile on the treadmill before I had to walk 0.25 miles and then ran another 0.5.  I have a 10K on the 18th and I'm not sure at this point that I can do it all without walking some.....but at least I'm going to try!  The whole achilles tendonitis still seems to be a set back, even though it was the end of April.  I also decided to go through the clothes I had planned to put in a yard sale back in June....and some I have set aside to take to work in case anyone wants to "go shopping" and another large bag of clothes I placed in a donation container.  Hoping they'll find a good home!  So, that makes me feel good about myself.

I'm going to make some homemade pizza in honor of the race tonight....a little nervous to finally have something like pizza crust....but I got whole wheat, and hopefully the fact that I plan to load it with veggies will help! 

Hope you're all doing well!  Will keep you posted with more updates and weight loss!! :)

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