My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 20....I think

Hey there!  What a day!!!!  I think today is Day 20 of my challenge.....I could get off my ass and look at my calendar but instead I'm going to assume that I'm correct!   I'm not feeling as successful over the past couple of days, but I think part of that is just a little bit of stress.  I had some pizza and a beer Friday night and really didn't feel well Saturday....I think that could be a good thing...maybe it'll keep me from eating that crap!!  But, every now and then we all need a treat!  Today I feel like I'm a bit more on track.  In fact, I just made a super yummy dinner......baked chicken breast, roasted asparagus, butternut squash risotto....and a glass of red wine.....all after taking my FiboTrim and CarbEase of course! 

I have not exercised for two days.....and I had EVERY intention of doing a run today....BUT, things got a little more complicated last night.  I had a stupidly, annoyingly, childish, hectic day at work and after 12.5 hours of dealing with craziness I went to get in my car, realized it was making a really weird noise as I backed out of the parking lot.....thanks to a completely flat rear tire!!!  So, I marched my ass back inside to call AAA.  Yes, I am thankful that I have AAA.....and yes, I am thankful that I noticed this while still in the hospital parking lot......yes, I am thankful that I wasn't in an accident or stuck on the side of the road....but after the day I had all I wanted to do was GO HOME!!!!!    So, the nice tow truck guy changed my tire, and I kept him updated on the score of that Pats game from my ESPN alerts, then drove about a mile down the road to a gas station to put air in my spare tire.....the AAA guy didn't have any can that be?? It's AIR!!!!  But, after stopping for air, I made it home.  Watched the rest of the Pats game (Go Welker!!) and went to bed. 

This morning, I had to stop at the pharmacy and pick up a new inhaler.....apparently needing air seems to be the theme of the last 24 hours!!  I now have to use an Advair inhaler twice a day for four weeks and see if that helps me function while exercising.  I did a 12 mile bike ride Sunday afternoon and although I used my inhaler twice I still felt short of, we'll see if this new one does the trick!

I then went to Sam's Club to see if my tire could be patched and put back on my car......and of course, the location of the nail does NOT allow for a patch job.  Naturally!  So, I need to buy all new tires!!  All I can vision are $$$$  and I remember this costing me a big chunk of money almost 5 years ago.  ( I experienced my first flat tire while living in Slidell, LA and had very limited options from which to buy new tires....but am suddenly VERY thankful for Sam's Club).  Because I had purchased the tires at Sam's I was able to receive a credit for the remaining life of the tires.....I was told the treads would "probably" pass my upcoming inspection, but really shouldn't be on my car much, after getting the good news that I actually was getting a $356 credit......I take out my debit card to pay for the remaining balance.....and it was DENIED!!!  He ran it as both a debit and credit card....both of which were denied!!!  Pretty embarrassing.....and I know there's no point in saying "I know there's enough money in the account" since people probably say that every time this happens.  There were 2-3 people in line behind me, and the guy told me I could go to Walmart, get a gift card for the amount of the tires and come back to pay.  So, off I go......only to find out at Walmart customer service that my debit card AND credit card were denied!!! WTF?!!    And the cashier actually seems annoyed!!!  WHO SHOULD BE ANNOYED HERE?!!!  ME!!!!

So, I step to the side, call my bank, wait ten minutes to get a live person on the phone and find out that there was a suspicious charge on my debit card and they had been trying to call me to ask about it.....but they had my old NH phone number from about 5  years ago!!!!  UGH!  So, I get transfered to another person in the fraud department, who allows the purchase for the exact amt of the tires, and then cancels and completely shuts down my debit card......can he do the credit card issue to??  NO, of course not....that's a totally separate phone number!!  GRRR! 

Off I go back to Sam's Club with my gift card, the guy was nice enough to "keep me in line" so the other people behind me in line didn't get put ahead of me, and while I waited for just over an hour, I called and dealt with the fraud charges.....THEN, I get my car, go to the bank, get a temporary debit card, call about my credit card.....and off I went back home.......after almost SIX hours!!! 

Needless to say, I didn't get my homework done, nor did I exercise and test out the new inhaler......instead, my lazy butt took a nap on the couch!  Did a little bit of reading, a little cleaning and made dinner.....and now here I sit.....procrastinating trying to figure out how to write an annotated bibliography for my class....

I guess I better go!  I didn't have any spark yesterday or today....BIG mistake!!  But I at least had a slam while at Sam's Club.... sorry if this post is boring....welcome to my life!!! 


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