My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 9 ....and another "first day" of school....

Today is Day 9 of my challenge....and I'm feeling good.  One more day of the cleanse portion and onto the next relm!  I really thought it was going to be much harder to avoid fried foods and beer/wine....but luckily, it's been easier than I thought!  I have been much more conscious of everything I eat, and have managed to do pretty well.  I have not had anything fried, processed, no alcohol, no bread, no cheese....and yet I still want to continue!  Imagine that! I like to think of the herbal cleanse as little scrubbing bubbles cleaning all the bad stuff from my colon and making it sparkly clean for the next round of products!  Go scrubbing herbals!!

I tried to run again today, took some catalyst with a slam and after a couple puffs from my new inhaler (with spacer) off I went.  I took the inhaler it with me, just in first!  And after just 0.5 miles I needed to stop and use it again.  I'm sure I'm not supposed to use it that frequently but I was having a tough time breathing.  I walked a few minutes and then ran another 0.5 miles....but had to walk the remaining 1.5 miles home.  Not sure why the inhaler didn't seem to help this time, but maybe it would've been worse had I not tried it!   So far so good with my ankle....and I'm thinking of maybe going for a 0700 run with the Maine Track Club.  Even though I know I'll be running alone since I can't handle long distances of any kind right now.  And the other members are MUCH more advanced than me!!! But I can catch up with them afterwards and get some good motivation (and of course, spread the word about Advocare).

I started school today.  My class was supposed to be from 3-9pm but she let us out early, and assured us it won't happen again.  Seems like it's going to be a very LOOOOONG semester!  The books that were listed for the class, which I bought a few weeks ago, are the wrong books......and the last thing I want to do is spend more money AND start off behind from day one!  Since I bought them at the actual Husson bookstore, I can only return them if I drive the two hours to Bangor on Tuesday.  It's not looking like that's possible so I may need to try selling them online.  Ugh! Tomorrow I will spend some time trying to get organized and ready for the semester.  This Rural/Community Health class will entail some reading, journaling, field work and presentations.....I think my other class will probably double this work load.  But, somehow it will all pay off right?   Right???  anyone???

I got something exciting in the mail today.....the TITLE to MY car!!!!  Never in my life have I ever actually OWNED a car!!!  I bought this car six years ago (used) and finally OWN IT!!!  yay!!!  (Dear Toyota, please keep working well for at least two more years while I finish school....I love you and would really like to be able to pay off some debt while still driving you!.  Thanks, your proud owner!)

I also placed a new Advocare order today....wanted to get my hands on some Mango Strawberry Spark....but also decided to get some post workout recovery shakes......and some Oasis (due to my stress level last night) and my upcoming school year!  Maybe it'll help me! As for last night, many thanks to both Alison and Gina for trying to calm me down!  It was a very long and chaotic day at work, followed by some info I learned when I got home that was upsetting....but I got through it, and everything will work out.  I just got a little nervous and stressed out.  I'm so happy to have friends that are helpful and sweet!  :)

Gotta go....probably should be a little more productive before heading to bed.  But I'm thinking an early night sounds marvelous!

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