My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 6 - The day I Spark'd my chiropractor

It's been a good day today.  Woke up with a headache (after taking my prescription sleeping pill)....thinking I'll just stick with the SleepWorks for now if I feel that I need something for sleep.  Took some tylenol, tried to enroll in a free bike maintenance clinic at LL Bean tomorrow night only to find out it is full.  I may try to "stop by" tomorrow just before class and see if I can get in...would like to know what to do if problems arise while biking alone! 

Anywho, I made an appointment to see my chiropractor today.  Decided I deserved a treat.....haven't seen her since March.  I needed an adjustment!! (in more ways than one!).  I was telling her about Advocare and gave her and her Esthitician a Spark on my way out (along with my business card of course)!  Hope they'll try it!   Then I headed off to my PCP....he was very excited to hear about my biking (but he is a huge biking fan....easy on the joints, and a great workout).  He has been my doc for probably 10 years now....has seen me through my absolute worst times.....and today he said I look the best he has seen me in years!  I can thank Advocare for that!  And all my great support system in Hawaii!  I told him about the vitamins, and the energy.  He is already starting to help me think of ways to avoid misery this winter.....even wrote down the best kind of bike trainer to look for so I can keep biking inside....and where to find one for a decent price.  He's awesome!  I'm also hoping my new lifestyle with Advocare will keep me from getting my usual seasonal affective disorder! 

I also had to admit my recent breathing issues.  I've never had asthma or hayfever, but my sister has can be linked to genetics, but not always.  He definitely does not think I have asthma (nor do I) but he does think I have Exercise Induced Bronchospasms.  I have had difficulty breathing with certain activities for quite some time, but it was always very infrequent.  Until now.....I've had more energy, and have increased my activity level....which has led to more frequent breathing, technically, I can thank Advocare for helping me get this diagnosis.  I don't like the fact that I may need to use an inhaler prior or during exercise, BUT it means I'm workout out and is a small price to pay!  I used it after the first two hills made me short of breath.....and it definitely helped!  Thanks to my energy, motivation and ProAir I was able to bike 18.4 miles!!!

Had a nice healthy off to take a quick shower and print off my school documents/syllabus that apparently have now been posted.....guess that means school is really starting.....and why do printer ink cartridges cost so damn much??  I go through them like crazy thanks to school......I could get a new printer every semester for what I pay in ink!!! 

Ok, off I go.....

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