My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Friday, August 26, 2011

Small Carb Victory

I am truly excited about my 24 Day Challenge....but this afternoon and evening I really wished I could enjoy a nice cold beer or glass of wine with dinner.....and it's only day TWO!!!  I have committed to do this correctly, and that is what I plan to no drink for me!  Then I decide to have dinner with sparkling water (in a wine glass for added curb appeal)!  And I put a small piece of leftover lemon-thyme chicken on my plate, along with a generous portion of roasted asparagus and a side of brown rice.....I enjoyed every morsel and went back for more asparagus....and before I knew it, I was putting more rice on my plate!!  How did that happen??  That's right, because I'm a carbaholic!!  If there had been a loaf of french bread next to me, that would've jumped on the plate too!  BUT.....when I got back to my seat to eat my second helping (and by seat I mean couch) I realized I didn't really even WANT the extra rice.  I ate the asparagus, had another glass of water and only had two bites of the rice.  I have NEVER EVER left a carbohydrate behind!  ......until tonight!!!!  I was able to sit my plate down and actually ignore the glistening pieces of rice smiling up at me.  I did not have to immediately go throw it away, or put it out of site.  I was actually able to have it in front of me and still NOT want it!  For those of you who do not know me (and my love of bread and bread products aka carbs) THIS IS HUGE!!!!!  I am amazed!!  So, it's not all about the scale!  It's these non-scale victories that I love!!  I obviously also want a decent victory on the scale...but these little baby steps make me know that I am well on my way!!  Again, it's only day two, but I said I would be honest, and here I am actually writing a blog about not eating extra rice!   And I am proud to do it!!! Renee 1- Carbs 0 !!!!!

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