My 24 Day Challenge

My 24 Day Challenge

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 started off well....although I woke up thirsty, which just reinforced the fact that I did not drink enough water yesterday.  After waking up at 0300 thanks to my lovely cat wanting to "play"....I kicked his furry butt out of my room, played with my phone for a few minutes and went back to sleep.  Got up, had some water, and another fiber drink and orange spark.  Still can't get used to the texture of it, so am happy to have a few days off before the next round!  I had more water, went to the store, started laundry and came home to have some oatmeal.  I made steel cut oatmeal for the first time.  Apparently when I bought it yesterday I thought it said it took 5 minutes to cook.....but I didn't read far enough to see that after the initial five minutes it needs another 30 minutes!!  Grr!  Luckily, it was good, and gave me extra time to drink more water. I put a little real maple syrup on it for flavor and sweetener.....pretty tasty!

I really wanted to take another bike ride today before we get rain from Hurricane Irene tomorrow....but after yesterday's scary breathing experience I was a little concerned.  So, I did a couple errands (while enjoying a Pink Lemonade Spark), then came home, took a dose of Catalyst and a Slam.  And off I went for a shorter ride.  Still had some difficulty breathing with the larger hills.....I purposely chose a route with short but tougher hills than yesterday as a test to see how I would feel.....note to self:  do not test out your breathing troubles while biking alone!!  Stupid stupid stupid! (and yes, as a nurse I should know better)! Luckily, nothing bad happened, and I was able to get through the ride with only taking a few very short water breaks.  I finished 8 miles and felt great after a few minutes of being home!  I think I will NOT press my luck again until I see my doc on Tuesday.  Maybe I will stick to a walk on the treadmill at the gym tomorrow! Haven't been there in MONTHS!!  But it will also be a great opportunity to put out some business cards....just in case.....

I will also admit that I was a little nervous about going too far from home in case the "gentle and uneventful" products kicked in!  I already have IBS, so I often am thinking about where the closest bathroom is.....but I have to admit that so far I am pleasantly surprised!  It has not aggravated my GI tract, nor caused any unwanted issues!  I know it's only Day 3 but so far so good......and sorry if this part contained a little TMI!! ;)

I made sure I had some protein and fruit for a snack, but I think I messed up with my dinner!  I made some 99% fat free ground turkey, more roasted asparagus (don't want it to go to waste)....but I decided to make some roasted red potatoes instead of reheating my brown rice from last night.....not realizing until I put it on the pan, that I should be avoiding white starches!!!  I hadn't even thought of it.  I had already sprinkled some olive oil, salt & pepper on them and didn't want to let them go to I made them anyway......trying to convince myself that the skins will help.....surely they add more fiber to the potatoes!!  So, I made a snafoo with my dinner....but I had my protein and veggie, a few glasses of water and only limited amounts of the potatoes.....normally I would eat a LOT of them!! 

I know I will make mistakes, nobody is perfect.....but I have been beating myself up for the past hour about about the starch portion of my meal!  :(   I keep reminding myself that I did actually that has to count for something!  I vowed to do this whole heartedly and that's what I want to a little bummed that I messed up.  I know it could be a lot worse.....I could've bought that extra large piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that was glaring at me as I walked past it at the store this morning!  But NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

I never thought I would say this, but I am going to turn on the Nascar race in about 10 minutes so I can see one of the Advocare drivers......what has gotten into me??  (besides amazing products from Advocare)!! 

I have to go put sheets on my bed.....why do I hate doing that so much?!!  It's not like it takes a long time.....but I do LOVE clean sheet night!!!  yay!!!  So, I will be taking my SleepWorks tonight in hopes of getting a better night's sleep and enjoying my very last day off before work and school starts!   Thanks for reading!  Night Night!

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